Thursday, May 23, 2013

Jason Rohrer's "Passage"

A while back one of my professors showed me and the rest of my class an art game. For those of you who don't know what an art game is, it is a specific subgenre of games that are designed to create a specific response or reaction from the player. This particular game is Jason Rohrer's Passage, a game about the journey of life in its simplest and most raw form. It's an example of minimalism in games and there's no real wrong way to play it. The intention of the game is to allow players with the freedom of choice in how they conduct their lives and to see how they respond to their choices and how they play. I'm being deliberately vague in my description because knowing anything about what happens will ruin the experience and what it means to you. I posted a link to download it below for those interested in playing (download and install takes about 30 seconds; it's that small). I also posted a video documentary and a playthrough for those that don't want to play, but I HIGHLY suggest you do. It isn't the same just to watch.




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